Mecklenburg County's
Four Full-Service Centers will now accept  Polystyrene/ rigid foam packaging containers.
Polystyrene foam is the type of material found in the packing of products such as, Microwave Ovens, Televisions, Electronics, Food Containers, Etc…
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Curbside Recycling Guide

These foam materials can be recycled into usable materials but require densification first.

Mecklenburg County will use a RecycleTech XT-200E model densifier to densify the rigid foam materials before shipping to an external vendor.

From there, the densified Polystyrene can be transformed into new products. It may be ground up, melted, pulled into strands and cut into tiny pellets, which are then used to make picture frames, clothes hangers, and other products.

Recycled Polystyrene is also sometimes used in construction, making composite building materials, architectural moldings or food containers.

Click below to learn more about the added recycling enhancements to our Full-Service Recycling Centers.
Mecklenburg County solid waste has
enhanced recycling at the four
Full-service recycling centers
White rigid foam
Bring us your Rigid Foam! Feed our Foam-a-Saurus Rex!! We are accepting rigid foam that comes as part of packaging. Usually white in color, and found in packaging with TV’s, and appliances. It needs to be clean. No food packaging at this time. Food packaging is unfortunately not clean enough for recycling unless you have thoroughly washed it. HOW: All clean foam goes into the specially marked containers. Look for “Rex” the dinosaur. We will grind and melt the foam into dense ingots then ship to market.
Hard & Soft back books
This is where those hard and soft back books need to go. Yes, they all will get recycled. If they are still good for reading, you can donate them to many sources; however, if the books have reached the end of practical use, drop them in the special book recycling bin. All books will get ground and sent for recycling. Please remove any plastic inserts in books or things like Compact Disks. HOW: Put the books into the special marked containers.
Shredded paper
Yes, we will accept your shredded paper! Just bring it to us. HOW: Dump your shredded paper into the special marked bin if you bring it in a plastic bag. We do not want the plastic bag mixed with paper, got it? If you deliver in a paper bag, that is OK. Shredded paper will get bailed up together, and then sent for recycling.
We’ll take your clothes, shoes & accessories! You can also recycle your pillows, sheets, and towels. Accessories include things like belts, vests, and hats. Basically, anything clothing or wearable-related. If your items can be directly repurposed as clothing, they will be. Things that can't be repurposed will be used as secondary ground fiber and used as towels and similar products.

HOW: Bring your items to one of our full-service recycling centers (not for curbside recycling) Place them directly into the big blue bins. For shoes, make sure they are tied together.

Please feed our

Foam-a-saurus rex

so we can recycle your rigid foam.